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The Board of Directors of the Louisa County Water Authority will hold a public hearing on the following items at 6:00 pm on April 14, 2021 at the Louisa County Administration Building, 1 Woolfolk Avenue, Louisa, Virginia:

Public Hearing – A Resolution of Public Purpose to Authorize Acquisition of Easements for the Purpose of Construction of Utility Lines in the Mineral Magisterial Districts of Louisa County, Virginia and the Hadensville Magisterial District of Goochland County, Virginia – This public hearing is for the purpose of receiving public comment on the resolution approving the proposed public use and directing the acquisition of property for public use by direct property owner negotiations, condemnation or other means; specifically authorizing the acquisition of easements for the extension of public utilities from Ferncliff to Shannon Hill, along Three Notch Road and Broad Street (Route 250), and Shannon Hill Road (Route 605), compromising portions of Goochland County Tax Map Parcels 1-1-0-1-A, 1-6-0-12-0, 1-6-0-3-0, 1-6-0-1-0, 1-1-0-5-0, 1-8-0-1-0, 1-8-0-2-0, 1-8-0-3-0, 1-8-0-4-0, 1-8-0-5-0, 1-1-0-9-A, 1-1-0-9-D, 1-1-0-9-C, 1-1-0-9-B, 2-1-0-2-0, 2-1-0-4-0, 2-1-0-4-B, 2-1-0-5-0, 2-1-0-4-0, 2-1-0-11-0, 2-1-0-9-D, 2-1-0-9-0, 2-1-0-9-E, 2-1-0-9-A, and Louisa County Tax Map Parcels 79-41, 79-40 for the purpose of construction and operation of a water and sewer lines and appurtenances, which is a public facility pursuant to Virginia Code § 1-219.1 and Article I § 11 of the Virginia Constitution.

Additional information is available for review in the offices of the Louisa County Water Authority, 23 Loudin Lane, Louisa, Virginia, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Any parties wishing to be heard are requested to attend the public hearing.


Judson Foster, Chairman
Board of Directors
Louisa County Water Authority