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Lake Anna Plaza Equipment Upgrade

NOTICE from Louisa County Water Authority


To all water customers in the Lake Anna Plaza Public Water System at Lake Anna, both commercial and residential.


On or about February 29, 2024, The Louisa County Water Authority will be upgrading critical equipment to ensure the reliability of the Lake Anna Plaza Public Water System. As a result of this upgrade, you may experience temporary losses of pressure and/or discolored water. There is NO safety concern related to the discolored water, just an aesthetic component.


If you do find that your water is discolored, please run the cold water until it clears. Running hot water could result in the sediment churning up and settling in your water heater so we do not recommend using hot water for flushing your lines.


Please contact us at the following number if you need any additional clarification. We appreciate your patience as we continue to make your water supply as reliable and efficient as possible.


Thank you,

Louisa County Water Authority Staff