Your Louisa County Water Authority staff is always here to help you. Whether you need assistance with a bill or a question about your usage, we are here to serve you. Stop by and see us during our office hours!  For any after hours water or sewer emergency call 540-967-1234.

Business Personnel

General Manager Pam Baughman 540-967-1122
Accounting Clerk Amy Dunivan 540-967-1122
Program Manager Mary Johnson 540-967-1122
Office Assistant Michelle Coffey 540-967-1122

Operations Personnel

Operations Manager Phil Bailey 540-967-1122
Maintenance Chris Compton 540-967-1122
Maintenance Mike Dunivan 540-967-1122
Maintenance Brett Michalski 540-967-1122
Compliance Manager Wes Basore 540-967-1122
Class I - Chief Wastewater Operator - Zion Crossroads Nancy Pugh 540-967-1122
Trainee - Zion Crossroads Cody Williams 540-967-1122
Trainee - Zion Crossroads Roger Young 540-967-1122
Class II - Chief Wastewater Operator - Louisa Regional Randy Gray 540-967-1122
Class III - Wastewater - Louisa Regional Kyle Moore 540-967-1122
Class III - Wastewater - Louisa Regional Dominic Davis 540-967-1122
Class III - Wastewater - Louisa Regional Herbert Thompson, Sr. 540-967-1122
Water Operations Manager Hunter Martin 540-967-1122
Class I Water - Northeast Creek Bryan Balsley 540-967-1122
Class I Water - NEC/Trainee - ZC Cody Langridge 540-967-1122